Former President George W. Bush loves to dance...... There's just no doubt about it!!

Most folks say he gets it from his mom......

But, he really learned from watching his daddy dance.

Speaking of learning...........
George W. loves getting lessons from his Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring!
Say it with me now George... A,B,C....

Dick Cheney is a great teacher & Vice President........
but his FIRST PASSION is dancing! (And it pays really well too!)

Just ask George W's wife Laura...... She loves dancing too!

Then, there is little brother Jeb.
He likes to dance, but his MAIN LOVE is to go fishing with George W.

Just look at their latest catch!

  Hanging chads my ass!!!!    
It's not my fault the people in my state are morons! I haven't been this popular since Miami Vice! My favorite insect is the butterfly!

 Momma & Daddy Bush couldn't be any prouder!

You go GIRL!!!Bite me George!!

George W. & Laura just love their new house in Washington D.C.
Sometimes they invite their favorite TV news anchor over to dance with them.

Bite me Brokaw!!!Gosh Laura, you're at lot more fun than Hilary was!Thanks Tom!!! Now, if we could just get rid of W.

Momma Bush always says.....
"A family that dances together, stays together"



You sure throw a bitchin' party George W.

I should be the President!!!Shut up you bitch!!!!

Thanks For The Ride Daddy!!!!!