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The Jacksonville Jaguars - Official NFL Website

60 Minutes & 60 Minutes Overtime On CBS

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Our Seti@Home Project Information

Free E-Mail Accounts From Our Friends At MailBagBBS

The Grand 'Ole Opry - Nashville, Tennessee

The World’s Coolest Tree-House Hotels

Some Totally Awesome Saltwater Fish Tanks That Only The Wealthy Could Own

The Olympic Games Website - Past, Present & Future

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives - The Food Network



Space Flight, Astronomy, Aircraft & Extraterrestrial Stuff

Northeast Florida Astronomical Society

Track Santa Claus @ NORAD

The SETI@Home Project | The SETI Institute

Apollo 11 Launch As it Happened: NBC NEWS TV Original Full Coverage, July 16, 1969

The Wright Brothers - Extremely Rare Videos (12/17/1903)

Animated Video of Curiosity Rover Landing on Mars

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launches From KSC Cape Canaveral, Florida | NBC News

1st Flight of The Space Shuttle Columbia - STS-1 Launch Video (1981)

Simulated Crash of Air France Flight 4590 Concorde (July 25, 2000)

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Boosters Landing, June 2019

A Physicist Explaining Why We've Never Seen Aliens

NASA's Offical Website

Felix Baumgartner's World Record Jump From Space Video on October 14, 2012

SkyMap.Org - A Wiki and Interactive Sky Map Website

Sky & Telescope - The Essential Guide to Astronomy

Space.Com (All Things Related to The Exploration of Space)

Blue Origin's Website

The Hubble Space Telescope's Official Website

Encyclopedia Britannica - Space Exploration



Funny Stuff....

The Second City

Hundreds of Jokes From The Laugh Factory.Com

College Humor


Stuff White People Like

The Late Show on CBS - Video Archives

The Institute of Official Cheer

Funny or Die

Rolling Stone's 50 of The Greatest Comedians of All Time List

Prank Candles - They Smell Good At First, Then They Smell Really Bad

The Onion

Awkward Family Photos

Website Design & Computers....

The Javascript Source

One of Our Favorite Technology Reviews on YouTube - "Painfully Honest Tech"

Square Space - Web Design

Website Builders Reviews

10 Places to Look for Website Design Inspiration

Another Really Good Tech Reviews YouTube Channel - Marques Brownlee

Google Maps - Street View


Some Weird, Obscure & Other Interesting Stuff....

Interview With Parkland Hospital Surgeons That Treated President John F. Kennedy

The Academy Awards - The "Oscars"

NBC News Coverage of The JFK Assassination (Nov. 22, 1963)

The White House - Official Website

The Zapruder Film of The JFK Assassination (8mm Original)

Reddit - "The Front Page of The Internet"

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

The Useless Web - Just What The Title States.......... "Useless?"

Flight Radar - Live Air Traffic

Wait, But Why? - "New Posts Every Sometimes"

Lifehacker - "Do Everything Better"

The Internet "Wayback Machine" - Billions of Archived Webpages

TED - Thousands of Lectures About All Topics

Want to Snap Some Bubble Wrap?

Gifphy - Find The Perfect .Gif For Any Occasion

Gravity Points

Cat Bounce - Just as The Name Suggests

Declassified Atomic Bomb Testing Videos....

Operation Redwing Nuclear Bomb Test (1956) - Declassified Film

Nuclear Test Film Highlights - Restored Footage

Nuclear Bomb Test Studies Film by U.S. Air Force - 1954

The Atomic Cannon Tests ("Grable" - 1953)

Rare Color Footage of Teapot ESS - Sub-Surface Atomic Bomb Test - March 1955

Nuclear Test Films Reveal Hidden Truths About Our Atomic Past

How 1950's Las Vegas Sold Atomic Bomb Tests as Tourism

Trinity Atomic Test - Complete Takes - July 16th, 1945

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

Atomic Central - The YouTube Atomic Bomb Tests Site

The Five Most Terrifying Nuclear Tests As Seen In Recently Declassified U.S. Footage

Atomic Shockwave on An Airplane Fuselage


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