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Postmaster Jerry
Postmaster Jerry                  

 That's right folks! We're giving it away to our MailBagBBS friends!


mailman1.gif (2842 bytes) So...what's the catch? Why, none, my friend!
All we need to do is to make sure you don't have spamming on the brain, and you're all set!
Let us proceed.......


   Here's how to get your free email....

  • Go back up and click Postmaster Jerry. This will launch your email.

  • Give the Postmaster your first and last name, city and state.

  • Then give him your login name and password. In a few hours,
    Postmaster Jerry will send you a note of congratulations mail and
    you are all set up!

     Your mail is free and secure. Your personal information will never knowingly be given away or sold. You can even access your mail through Outlook. Ask the Postmaster how, if you would like to do that. You are limited to like 24 cc mails at a time. Jeez, who needs that many? 

   The Postmaster only rings twice. This is your first opportunity to get super free mail! Click the Postmaster now.