Full Metal Jacket (1987)
Front Cover Actor
Matthew Modine Private Joker
Adam Baldwin Animal Mother
Vincent D'Onofrio Private Pyle
Emrey, R. Lee Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
Dorian Harewood Eightball
Kevyn Major Howard Rafterman
Arliss Howard Private Cowboy
Ed O'Ross Lieutenant Touchdown
John Terry Lieutenant Lockhart
Kieron Jecchinis Crazy Earl
Movie Details
Genre Drama; War
Director Stanley Kubrick
Producer Stanley Kubrick
Writer Gustav Hasford; Stanley Kubrick
Language English
Audience Rating R
Run Time 116 mins
Country USA
Color Color
IMDb Rating 8.2
A group of soldiers develop dehumanized personalities in their training and it shows in their tour of duty in Vietnam.
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Format DVD
Region Region 1
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